Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Where can I get it? 

A - FaceCradle is available to Pre-Order on There are a number of different options there to choose from, we hope you like them.

Q - Where is my order?

A -  All orders placed on our webstore up until February 2017 are Pre-Orders. We are currently manufacturing and shipping orders as quickly as possible. Please note that from the time your order is dispatched you must add the freight time quoted to you.  Regular air freight service can take up to 21 days and Priority up to 7 days.

FaceCradle has been in huge demand since our Facebook video went viral with over 120M views and the huge success on Kickstarter.

We are aware that many want their FaceCradle for a pending trip or birthday so we are very sorry for the delay in getting it to you.   We can say that FaceCradle is a fantastic product that works extremely well, so it is worth the wait as we are sure the product will be enjoyed on many trips to come.  If however, circumstances mean it’s better for you to receive a refund, we can arrange that for you.

When your order has been dispatched we will email you with a tracking number and link to the freight company website.

Q - I want to cancel my order.

A - We are very sorry if we have not met your expectations.  FaceCradle is in very high demand, much higher than we expected, which has caused some delays delivering the product and with our ability to communicate with you.  Whilst we are rapidly overcoming the issues, we respect your wishes.   Are you sure you will not use a FaceCradle in future on other trips?  If not, we have no problem to cancel your order and refund you.  If you haven’t already, just let us know the exact name you ordered under and your order number and we will forward your cancellation request to our administration department.


Q - Will the strap/harness interfere with the screen behind?

A - In most cases no!  On long haul flights where you are most likely to use the strap, almost all seats have winged headrests.  The straps are attached to these and don’t go around the back of your seat. 

If the seat does not have a winged headrest, very often there is no screen behind, as it is a budget airline.

If there are screens with no headrest wings, then it’s only a polite conversation with the person behind before you sit down.  You would advise them that you will be sleeping with a FaceCradle which means you don’t need to recline your seat (they will love that).  You may need their help to make sure the strap doesn’t interrupt their viewing, so if it does would they mind adjusting it for you.

If you feel uncomfortable about talking to the person behind, then you will use Modes 1-3 with no problem and your FaceCradle is still better than a regular neck pillow.  For more information, you can view our video on how to attach the strap and read our FAQ’s.

Q - Will airlines ban FaceCradle?  Will the strap strangle me?

A - Airlines do not consider travel pillows as a product considered as ‘dangerous goods’ for use in the cabin of an aircraft.  FaceCradle is made of memory foam which could act as a protective device when in use.  With regard to the harness, it is only used in 2 of the 5 modes we call Deep Sleep as described on the product packaging.  It is important to note that Deep Sleep Modes are similar to an airline emergency brace position although it is possible, when asked to fasten seat belts for pending turbulence or emergency, an airline may ask a person to fold down and detach their FaceCradle.

In Deep Sleep Modes the strap attaches to a frame which is internal of the pillows.  When the user leans into the pillows they connect with their chest and face/head.  If the user is pushed forward quickly (for any reason) of course they are retained by their seatbelt primarily but the pillows act as a protective device to support the head and body.   If extreme force is applied to the straps, they are designed to separate from the frame.  The straps do not connect around a person’s neck and are considered no more dangerous than a carry-on bag with shoulder straps.  FaceCradle has been used on many flights to date with no issues from airlines. 

It is important to note that your seatbelt is your primary safety device that will hold you in your seat during any turbulence or sudden movement so it should be worn at all times when using FaceCradle.

Q - What is the maximum weight a FaceCradle will hold?

A - Firstly, FaceCradle is designed so a relatively light load is applied to it when in use.  This does not mean that it will break.  To the contrary, about 80% of your body weight is transferred to the base of the seat, not to the FaceCradle.  So depending on the angle you lean forward in deep sleep mode (the further forward the more load) no more than 20% of your body weight is ever applied to the FaceCradle. 

We do it this way, so the pressure on your head and face does not become uncomfortable.

For example, a 100kg person applies less than 20kg of weight to the upper and lower pillows combined.  This weight is held over your head, upper body and chest and the spread is transferred through the internal reinforced frame to the metal hinges and then to the straps which are anchored to your seat.

Q - Can I wash the FaceCradle?

Your FaceCradle comes with removable covers made of brushed velour and should be hand washed. They can also be dried on a warm setting in a clothes dryer. Please see this video on how to remove the covers:

Q - Am I able to use my FaceCradle in the back seat of a car?

A - Yes, but if you want to use Deep Sleep Modes you must have a car with a rear headrest to attach the strap. It is not recommended to use Deep Sleep Mode in a car with no rear seat belts or airbags.

Q - What is the material inside the pillows?

A - The pillows are made of hypoallergenic memory foam and reinforced with an internal glass filled nylon frame.

Q - Is the FaceCradle suitable for children?

A - Yes, normally there is no problem, however if you want to use Deep Sleep Mode (front, face down) check that your child’s head is not too small which may find their face/head slipping through the middle of the U shape.

Q - Will people look at me strangely when using Deep Sleep Modes?

A - Usually Deep Sleep Modes are used on a long haul flight with the lights out. If there is light in the cabin and you feel uncomfortable, just use one of the 3 other modes. It may look odd initially, but when people see that you have been asleep for a long time our experience is the same people end up asking you where you got it!

Q - What is the weight and dimensions of a FaceCradle?

A - Weight is -.72kg (1.61lbs) and is not considered to be part of your carry on weight allowance on flights. Dimensions are 30cm x 30cm x 8cm.


Q - What is the Warranty/Returns Policy?

A - Your FaceCradle is guaranteed for life against manufacturing fault and any failure caused by such fault.  If you break the product or simply don’t like it, we do not cover that.  We are 100% confident FaceCradle is the best and most versatile travel pillow on the market and it should meet your expectations.  In the unlikely event of a fault as described, we would discuss with you about the appropriate way to resolve the issue with the remedies being either a return & refund or a replacement.  No matter what the case, we are always reasonable and willing to provide a mutually satisfactory outcome.


Q - Distribution Inquiry

A - We have had many enquiries about distribution, but we may be interested and would like to know more about your company. Please send answers to the following questions to dscrimshaw(at)facecradle(dot)me -  

  1. What resources do you have? Warehouse/s, office location etc. 
  2. Do you have national distribution?
  3. Staff, Sale Representatives?
  4. What channels are you selling into now?
  5. What products do you sell and what brands?
  6. Do you sell to major retailers?
  7. Do you sell into Duty Free stores at International Airports or into Domestic Airport Retail?
  8. Are you large/medium or small company?
  9. Do you have an idea of how many FaceCradles you would order …
  10. As samples (12 per shipping carton)?
  11. In first order (full 20’ container 2880 units or part container)?
  12. Is FaceCradle in your current business field or is it a new category for you?

For specific enquiries, please contact the following:

Europe/Australia Market & Company Services Enquiries:
David Scrimshaw: dscrimshaw(at)facecradle(dot)me

US Market Enquiries:
Dylan Doherty: ddoherty(at)facecradle(dot)me

Asia Market Enquiries:
Gary Clark: glcark(at)facecradle(dot)me

Marketing, PR, Influencer Enquiries:
Bonnie Sein: bsein(at)facecradle(dot)me


If your question still hasn't been answered, please contact us directly through our 'Contact Us' page or email mail(at)facecradle(dot)me for further assistance.



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